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Here you can see samples of layout and image research.
For confidentiality reasons all Brands, Product Names, Production Companies, Agencies and Directors have been removed, as well as the text, which has been replaced with blind text.

samples 16-9 NEW.029.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.030.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.032.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.031.jpeg
car y deo.001.jpeg
car y deo.003.jpeg
car y deo.002.jpeg
car y deo.004.jpeg
car y deo.005.jpeg
car y deo.007.jpeg
car y deo.006.jpeg
car y deo.008.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.008.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.010.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.009.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.011.jpeg
samples MAS.001.jpeg
samples MAS.004.jpeg
samples MAS.002.jpeg
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 15.35.34.png
samples 16-9 NEW.040.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.041.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.042.jpeg
samples 16-9 NEW.043.jpeg
samples 4-3.001.jpeg
samples 4-3.002.jpeg
samples 4-3.005.jpeg
samples 4-3.004.jpeg
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