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SANTA [#01]

Installation by Maria Gutierrez. June2012.

Santa Gallery at Patio del Liceo, Buenos Aires.

Portraits by Lucía Galli.


Summoned by Santa Gallery, together with Argentinean artist Federico Lamas, Maria Gutierrez work is an altar, a device through which the observer becomes the protagonist of the ritual, the saint.

The final result of the experience is the "Estampita", which is a little image from the saint printed in paper to take home with you and have it for protection reasons.

These printed images of the "saints" were delivered at the closing of the show a few weeks after the opening.

The digital images were uploaded to the gallery' s facebook site and everybody was able to tag themselves and share these images, spreading the work throughout the internet.

This resulted in thousands of people having witnessed this performance and continue to share it, keeping the work alive even a long time after its closure at the gallery.

It was a surprise to see friends that couldn't' t come to the show to make their own "estampita" with photoshop and sending it to the site with the message "I was there". This was the proof that the work kept rolling and reinventing itself, staying alive.

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